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Create Your Career Action Plan

A 6-Week Online Course for Energized Career Growth

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Take charge of your career future and satisfaction!

You have more control over your career future and satisfaction than you think you do! And there are many practical ways to move yourself forward.

Taking action to improve your career satisfaction doesn’t have to mean a big leap or a high stakes career change. You don’t have to find days and days of clear time. It isn’t necessary to be totally sure where you want to go before you start moving. You can design a plan to take practical action steps and see how your career direction takes shape.

Create positive momentum and energy for action!

As a career counsellor and coach, I have found that the most beneficial way to stimulate career growth and change is to get out of your head and into ACTION. Resist the urge to endlessly think. That’s paralyzing!

Small, committed, experimental actions generate new career momentum. This kind of action will make you feel more focused, hopeful, and capable. You’ll uncover all sorts of helpful information. And being active takes the edge off your career anxieties.

Plan specific action steps in 6 areas of career growth!

During the 6 weeks, you’ll set goals for planning and for experimental action as you develop skills to manage your own career and build courage.

Together we’ll explore 6 career skills topics to develop your personal career action plan: self-awareness, dreaming/visioning, skill development, well-being, supportive connections, and career planning. You’ll build your personalized 3 or 6-month career action plan that will set the stage for change.

This 6-week e-course is for employed people, from any career background, who seek personal satisfaction in their work. You might be …

  • going with the flow and falling into decent enough jobs, but you’re not really satisfied and not sure where your job might lead
  • in a cycle of precarious work, somewhat steadily employed but going from contract to contract
  • wanting a different kind of career than your family and your peers, but you’re unsure how to follow the beat of your own drum

“My money was wisely spent …

“I have attended a lot of workshops over the years, and Anne Carbert’s remain among the most valuable and helpful. Anne is highly intelligent, with a clear grasp of the material she presents. More importantly, she has deep respect for each client’s process and skill set. Life is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and Anne gets that. Handouts are well researched, with lots of jumping off points for future exploration. I have found myself referring back to discussions and principles introduced in Anne’s workshops and the evidence (in terms of my own personal success) seems to suggest that my money was wisely spent.”


Artist & Solopreneur


“Thank you so much for all of your help…

“Thank you so much for all of your help. Although we only had a few sessions, I’ve found talking to you to be very helpful. I feel like I have a better sense of what my goals are and I’m more in charge of the direction of my career. I’m excited to start my new job! Thanks again and I will definitely reach out in future if I need advice again.”




“Anne’s guidance at a crossroads in my life was critical …

“Anne’s guidance at a a crossroads in my life was critical. I found her to be very insightful, wise and practical. She has a wealth of information, books and activities, to help along the way.”


Artist & Non-Profit Worker

ANNE CARBERT, Career Counsellor & Coach, LL.B., M.Ed. (Counselling)

I became a career counsellor over 10 years ago, after navigating my own career transition from human rights law to counselling. I work with clients from various career backgrounds and love offering support to people on so-called “unconventional” career paths.

I have found that the most valuable help I can offer is support to take action and get moving! This e-course brings together the wealth of knowledge and resources I use to encourage clients to identify small steps, experiment, and take courageous career action.