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The Sustainable Life

Strategies to Manage the Overwhelm of a Busy Life

Find sustainable ways to respond to the demands of life and work
so you can have more calm, more joy, and less anxiety …

Life moves fast! And managing our competing priorities and multiple roles can quickly lead to overwhelm. Are you looking for a way to step off this treadmill? This online course will explore how to move from self-blame and exhaustion to greater insight and practical strategies for a more sustainable pace of life.

In the 4 weekly modules of e-course, psychotherapist Linda Mackay and career counsellor Anne Carbert will guide an exploration of the glamorization of busy, the physiology of feeling overwhelmed, ways to challenge self-defeating beliefs, keys to conscious prioritizing, and the power of self-compassion.

You’ll finish the course with new insights and perspectives, clear strategies for responding to overwhelm, and a commitment to manageable and inspiring first steps for change.

Support and structure for action can help you escape this vicious cycle of running just to keep up!

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So much to juggle ...

You’re not alone in feeling pulled in too many directions by multiples roles and responsibilities and by competing demands in life and work.

This course offers an opportunity to step back and refocus. Are there any helpful new perspectives? What’s most important in your life?How are you setting your priorities? What’s really going on when you’re feeling overwhelmed? You’ll get clearer on your answers to all these questions.

Never good enough ...

When you’re overwhelmed, it’s easy to feel like you’re not attentive enough to anything and failing at everything. That’s hard on the soul!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel like you’re enough? We’ll explore how to be more grounded, calm, and kind to yourself. You’ll build skills to respond to feelings of overwhelm in the moment – in ways that promote well-being and ease frustration and self-criticism.

Something's gotta give!

When you’re overwhelmed, life feels like a never-ending struggle to just keep up. That’s not sustainable in the long term.

It’s time to move from helplessness to action! Even small steps can make a big difference and start to shift your experience, open your eyes to alternatives, and foster more hope and confidence for lasting change. A sustainable, healthy way of life is possible and this course will give you practical starting points as well as support for taking action.

This e-course starts on March 30th and includes new modules every Friday for 4 weeks with:
– video presentations for each topic
– short reading materials
– reflection worksheets
– resource links and lists
– a live Q&A webinar in week #3, and access to the webinar recording
– an online discussion forum just for course participants
– access to all the materials on the course platform for 8 weeks

We have designed this course for approximately 45 – 60 minutes of engagement each week, in small blocks of time as works for you, or at your own pace over 8 weeks.

BONUSES extended! If you register by March 24th you will also receive:
– a pre-course live webinar on March 28th exploring willpower and motivation
– access to a recording of the pre-course webinar
– a willpower and motivation worksheet with prompting questions for reflection
– an annotated version of the resource list for the course with 20 book and web resources


Introduction – welcome and orientation to course format and platform, plus a Wellness Check-In reflection worksheet


Why are we so overwhelmed? – a look at the larger context that influences our busy lives, as well as the physiological impact that overwhelm has on our minds and bodies


Strategy #1 – challenging self-defeating beliefs


Strategy #2 – values alignment and conscious prioritizing


Strategy #3 – the power of self-compassion


You’ll receive your materials for the new module every Friday for 4 weeks starting March 30th, including videos introducing each topic, short reading materials, reflection exercises, and resource lists and links, as well as suggestion for “fieldwork” actions that you can take each week to experiment with the strategies for managing overwhelm.

BONUSES - Extended!

If you sign up by March 24th, you will be registered for a pre-course webinar that will explore how to harness our willpower and motivation to make lasting change. That live webinar is on March 28th at 7pm EDT with a recording available afterwards. You’ll also receive a willpower and motivation worksheet and an annotated list of resources for the entire course covering 20 book and web resources.


Links to the weekly modules will arrive in your e-mail inbox on Friday mornings, with the final module available on April 20th. You’ll receive a wrap-up message at the 4-week mark on April 27th and you will have access to the materials for an additional 4 weeks – up to May 25, 2018. The live Q&A webinar in week 3 on April 16th with a recording available afterwards.

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We’ve extended the bonuses! Register by March 24th for a bonus webinar and resources.

Your e-course facilitators:

LINDA MACKAY, Psychotherapist, M.S.W, R.S.W.

Linda is a Registered Social Worker and co-owner of The Space Within in Stratford. She worked at the University of Waterloo’s Counselling and Psychological Services for over 14 years, counselling students, staff and faculty. Her clinical focus is mood management: depression, anxiety and associated challenges using cognitive behavioural therapy, integrating mindfulness-based and yoga practices to help clients meet their goals.

ANNE CARBERT, Career Counsellor & Coach, LL.B., M.Ed. (Counselling)

Anne became a career counsellor over 10 years ago, after navigating her own career transition from human rights law to counselling. She works in private practice with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and has a particular interest in the careers of artists, activists, and other “unconventional” types. She emphasizes meaning, creativity, and quality of life as the keys to craft a rich life and rewarding career.

Is this the rights support at the right time to face your overwhelming life and experiment with change? Are you ready to join us?


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  • Register by MARCH 24th for the BONUSES!  You get: the 4-Week online course with weekly video modules, worksheets, & resource links a private course discussion forum a live Q&A webinar and webinar recording access to the course materials for 8 weeks support from Anne & Linda! BONUS live “willpower” webinar (and recording) BONUS willpower & motivation worksheet BONUS annotated course resource list ($195 price is the full cost. We pay the tax, if applicable.)